The Ultimate Work Bag: My First Cambridge Satchel

Now that I’ve jumped into my second official office job, something that has been plaguing me is how badly I’ve been in need of a good work bag (yes I know, talk about first world problems). But really, I had been using $34 brown flimsy bag from Forever 21 for the past year, and the contents of the purse would tumble everywhere, making it constantly hard to find what I needed. This is where the Cambridge Satchel Company comes in!

I had been ogling over the company’s structured bags for a few months, but held back due to the not-so-affordable price and for the inevitably high taxes and fees from being shipped all the way from the UK. Then come this June, their website announces that they are offering free shipping for the entire month – “that’s it I’m getting one”. They come in so many drool-worthy colors, but I finally settled on the Classic Red in 13″.

Now for the actual order, and for potential buyers wondering: the bag came to $169.50 CDN and national tax and duties came to $45, making the bag about $215 in total. The most impressive part of the transaction was that the parcel arrived literally two days in Vancouver after I had placed my order.

Final words: the satchel is impeccably well made, the leather is beautiful, and I love that I can fetch exactly what I need when I reach into my bag. Careful though: nail polish without a top coat can rub off onto the surface.



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