Adventure Time in Maui!

It is true what they say – once you go to Hawaii you never want to leave. I was fortunate enough to jet off to Hawaii at the start of September, which was the perfect conclusion to my summer of full-time Co-op work and filming just before jumping back into my final year of undergrad. I was doubly lucky to be able to experience resort life in Wailea, Maui at the Fairmont Kea Lani as well as the condo experience a few short minutes north of that in Kihei, Maui. I could probably ramble on about how much I love this island, but in short – it is simply paradise.

IMG_5435View from Fairmont’s lobby

Summary of highlights…

1. Watching the Sunrise at the top of Haleakala Volcano

I think we left the condo at about 3am and arrived at the top of the mountain just after 4am. IT IS COLD. Once we arrived at the top, we saw people getting out of their cars bundled up in comforters and blankets and I almost didn’t think I could handle it (I was equipped with a thin long-sleeved sweater and leggings). Luckily there is an indoor viewing area so that’s where we spent most of the waiting and anticipation. The zombie-like waiting state was well worth it though – the view of the sunrise above the clouds and peaks feels like being on cloud 9.


2. Snorkeling on the Coral Reef

I was lucky enough to get to snorkel twice at two separate beaches in Maui. The first time was just supposed to be a canoe excursion, but within 5 minutes of paddling, turtle heads starting popping up around us and our leader told us to hop in! These turtles were the largest I had seen with my own eyes. A few days later we partook in an excursion to the beautiful island of Lana’i, where we swam with the fluorescent coloured fish of the majestic coral reef.


The cliffs and topography of Lana’i

3. The Road to Hana

This was the one thing that everyone told me to have on my checklist while on Maui. We took part in a van tour from 7am-5pm, which was the right choice, as the road is narrow and equipped with many sharp turns. I absolutely loved the eastern coast of Maui, covered in lush rainforest and history. Our guide was pretty knowledgeable and led us to some super scenic and intriguing stops, including the Seven Sacred Pools and the Maui Winery. Image

On the Road to Hana


Aerial view of the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o Gulch

4. Parasailing!

Now this was cool. Along with several other couples, we took a boat out to parasail off the coast of the historic town of Lahaina. If you don’t like heights or the water, this is not the activity for you! We sailed 800ft up in the air, where you will find just the most relaxing experience. You can’t hear a peep that high up, and it provides a great view of Maui and Lana’i. I loved the added touch of being dunked into the water before being retrieved back into the boat.


5. Attending a Beach Wedding

C’mon, who could hate a wedding with the backdrop of sand, blue water, and the clear sky sprinkled with tiny white clouds?



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