My Ombre Experience

I went through my phases of light brown to blonde highlights through high school then mainly stuck with dark hair through university, but like most women I really felt the need for significant change. When I saw a Groupon for popular Vancouver salon, Rain, I emailed to see if the $95 full highlights and cut deal could go toward an ombre treatment, and to my delight it did. Finally nearing end of semester I made an obligatory consultation with the salon, which was pretty eye-opening for me. Because my hair had L’oreal box colour in it the stylist explained that I would need to pay extra to take it out, and pay an additional amount for the entire ombre/balayage treatment because my hair is so long. I’m doing my best to sum it up, but there are a lot of technical terms involved that I still don’t have a full grasp on! Lesson learned is to not play around with store-bought colour if you’re planning on getting your hair professionally coloured! I ended up paying an extra $130, which I went ahead with since I was pretty set on this new look.

A few weeks later just after the last day of classes I went in for the transformation, which took a total of 3hrs (this is nothing compared to doing the 6hr Japanese hair straightening treatment that I’ve done a few times). By the end of it all, I was incredibly pleased. I absolutely love how the gradual look came out and am doubly happy that the blonde doesn’t look orange-y like some turn out. Thank you, Shannon!

Pictures are included below with a before picture for reference. What do you think?





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