Holiday Travels: My Unanticipated Washington Journey

With the peak of holiday travel madness upon us, my friend Rosey suggested that I share my story of travel in mid-October. The star of the tale is fog, but is relevant to any travelling obstacle. Though the journey was a frustrating and fatiguing one, I came out of it with a laugh and some new friends in the end. Needless to say, the people and situations you encounter while journeying around the world may really surprise you. Here is the excerpt I posted on Facebook – I think it’s a better read in short rather than long form:

Last Thursday night my flight from Bellingham to Seattle got cancelled due to fog. As I was lining up to talk to the front desk to hear my options, a guy in front of me overheard that I needed to catch a flight from Seattle to Sacramento. He and his daughter happened to be booked on the same flight so he offered to give me a ride with them to the airport. We made it to SeaTac in an hour and 20mins and made it to the gate with a total of 5mins to spare before plane departure. 

On my way back from Oakland to Bellingham last night the plane wasn’t able to land due to fog again so it ended up landing in a small interior town called Pasco, WA. Two women also on the same flight offered to split a rental car with them to drive 5hrs all the way back to Bellingham airport. We picked up a 4th woman, and off we went. Neither of us a knew each other beforehand and coincidentally 3/4 of us were visiting our significant others in California, and 1 was there to see her fiance. Finally at foggy Bellingham at 3am, one of the women drove myself and another Vancouverite all the way back to our houses. The story officially concludes at 5am when I made it back to the comfort of my home. 

I just wanted to share these stories of kindness because it reminded me that there are really good and gracious people out there! Also, beware of flying during Fogtober.


Map of Washington


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