My First Baublebar Purchase

I’ve been following the affordable jewelry juggernaut for awhile, but hesitated from buying anything because I hadn’t bought a lot of jewelry from brands I had never seen in person. I finally caved and purchased one of their “Buried Baubles”, which is a piece they discount to $10 every Monday just for the day (they change the bauble each week).

Cute packaging, free shipping, and affordable. It’s definitely not super high quality, but I really can’t complain for the price. I think it’d be a great Christmas or birthday gift for a girlfriend who lives somewhere else.

Baublebar packaging and the gold chevron chain necklace:

Baublebar Packaging

Baublebar Packaging

Baublebar Chevron Chain Necklace

Baublebar Chevron Chain Necklace

Not sure what happened, but the majority of my photos from this post became broken so I had to delete them. I just took the latter photo (in 2017) to show the necklace, but it’s pretty old now (hence the tarnishing).

Have you bought anything from Baublebar? Let me know in the comments below! 


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