Travel Story: A Day and a Half in Lake Tahoe

According to my Roger, I am “hard to surprise” because I’m always so busy. And so I was more than happy when he told me Saturday morning that he’d booked a night in Lake Tahoe. After parting ways with a friend from home that afternoon, we set off from Berkeley to Tahoe City, which took about 3 hours. We checked into the quaint Tahoe City Inn, which he had gotten last minute at $180/night. Being the bustling summer destination that it is, this was the most affordable he could find on a Saturday night. Our room was spacious and we were pleased that they have continental breakfast from 8am-10am.

That night, we ventured down the block to Japanese joint, Doma Sushi Met Galbi, which came highly recommended on Yelp. The family-owned business’ staff were extremely friendly and the rolls were delicious and fresh. After, we wandered down the main road of Tahoe City mostly playing Pokemon Go (there are quite a few Pokestops scattered throughout town) and walked down the marina pier. This place was perfect for a beautiful and relaxing stroll into what felt like a pastel-coloured cloud during sunset. We stumbled upon Tahoe Mountain Brewing to down a couple pints shortly after. The night was capped off by grabbing more beer at Safeway to enjoy in our hotel room where we were accompanied by TLC and the Food Network – 2 channels I haven’t had the guilty pleasure of viewing since living home with my parents.

Our second and – sadly – final day was mostly occupied by kayaking on the north tip of Lake Tahoe by King’s Beach. After comparing a few rental places in the area, we chose Tahoe Paddle & Oar for its affordable price ($75 for one double kayak for 3hrs). The excursion was super worthwhile and while not too far of a trek –  it was cool to kayak across the California-Nevada state line! Our journey back to shore was a bit more choppy than the trip we took over to the Nevada side.

Post-kayaking, we drove back to Tahoe City to grab fish n’ chips at Tahoe Mountain Brewing and went down to the beach. My one major piece of advice about beaches in Tahoe is to go to King’s Beach instead of Tahoe City’s beach. The City’s beach was rocky and muddy, whereas King’s Beach is laden with soft white sand and clear blue water. In hindsight, we wish we had spent more time there.

Overall, I highly recommend a weekend in Tahoe City and north Lake Tahoe!

The Trip in Pictures…


A stroll down Tahoe City Marina


Boats off the Marina


Kayaking from California to Nevada


Resting Our Arms


Fun in the Double Kayak


Tahoe City’s Animal Tree


Found this “Historic” Lil’ Gem in Tahoe City Thanks to Pokemon Go

Thoughts on Lake Tahoe? Did I miss something in Tahoe City? Let me know in the comments below!


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