My First Baublebar Purchase

I’ve been following the affordable jewelry juggernaut for awhile, but hesitated from buying anything because I hadn’t bought a lot of jewelry from brands I had never seen in person. I finally caved and purchased one of their “Buried Baubles”, which is a piece they discount to $10 every Monday just for the day (they change the bauble each week).

Cute packaging, free shipping, and affordable. It’s definitely not super high quality, but I really can’t complain for the price. I think it’d be a great Christmas or birthday gift for a girlfriend who lives somewhere else.

Baublebar packaging and the gold chevron chain necklace:

Baublebar Packaging

Baublebar Packaging

Baublebar Chevron Chain Necklace

Baublebar Chevron Chain Necklace

Not sure what happened, but the majority of my photos from this post became broken so I had to delete them. I just took the latter photo (in 2017) to show the necklace, but it’s pretty old now (hence the tarnishing).

Have you bought anything from Baublebar? Let me know in the comments below! 


Your Guide to Bargain Shopping in Bali

Hand-painted tote from a market in Nusa Dua ($14 USD)

Hand-painted tote from a market in Nusa Dua

Like on most multi-destination vacations, I constantly wondered where I’d find the best deals on our trip. I did as much research as I could  – asking friends and perusing blogs – and heard various recommendations. After deal-hunting in South Kuta, Ubud, and Canggu, the answer is clear: Ubud is the one-stop shop for all your Bali goods. 

To give you a better idea of how much luck I had shopping in Ubud – I spent $63 USD on 16 items, which included paintings for $3, dresses, tops, and pants for $2 each, and jewelry pieces for $4. The most I spent on a single item was the tote pictured above for $14. In hindsight, I could’ve gotten it for cheaper in another location, but I’m glad I got it when I did because I never came across those specific colors again during my trip.

Where to Shop in Ubud

  • For the best bargains: the massive 3 story Ubud market on Jl. Raya Ubud (Ubud Main Road) by Ubud Palace. The shop owners LOVE to bargain so don’t be discouraged! They purposely set the prices high knowing you’ll push for lower. When bargaining, offer half price or lower and negotiate from there.
  • Best boutique shopping: the whole ‘downtown’ area is wonderful. If you’re looking for unique pieces after shopping for more generic stuff in the markets – hit up Jl Hanoman (road), Jl Dewi Sita (road), Monkey Forest St and the surrounding roads. Do not hesitate if you see something you like!
  • There are some great markets outside of Ubud too at the entrance of temple sites like the one by the sacred fountains (Tirta Empul).

An art stall at the entrance to Pura Tirta Empul (sacred fountains)


Souvenir shops great for bargaining by Pura Tirta Empul


One of the many quaint soap shops in Ubud


Outside the massive Ubud market

Where to shop in Canggu

  • There is a small shopping scene in the surf town of Canggu if your trip takes you there. I found the Anthropologie of Bali called Bungalow, which has unique home decor and accessories (for much lower than your typical Anthropologie of course). There are 2 Bungalow locations, in which the original serves as a cafe as well. I would’ve loved to purchase some Bungalow pieces, but shipping would’ve been a bitch.
  • TIP: The street vendors will not bargain with you. Use all your bargaining powers in Ubud.
In front of Bungalow (Canggu)

In front of Bungalow (Canggu)


A wall inside Bungalow’s first location, which is also a cafe

Deals in South Kuta

  • South Kuta was definitely less bargain-worthy than Ubud, but if you’re staying in the south I’d recommend the row of markets in Nusa Dua. I believe this was located on Jl. Pantai Mengiat (road).
Small row of markets in Nusa Dua

Small row of markets in Nusa Dua

If you’re looking for high-end shopping:

  • Nusa Dua in South Kuta will have all your high-end shopping needs – mixed in with a few more affordable options. Their Bali Collection mall is great for a day of shopping, eating, and is conveniently located right on the beach.

Bali Collection: a big outdoor mall by the beach in Nusa Dua

Thanks for stopping by! Check out my summary of things to do in Bali here.

Happy shopping! For general information, tips, and more pictures from our Bali trip click here.

Short Hair Don’t Care

In less than an hour, over 1ft of hair was gone. The last time I had my hair cut was November 2013 (when I had my ombre done). I’ve been wanting to get my hair chopped for a few months, but kept putting it off because of how much the color cost me at that last appointment. I finally took the plunge and it feels FANTASTIC. Wash and dry is super quick and my natural waves don’t actually bother me with this length.

Thank you to Lisa Pomo for the cut. You can find her at Pitch Salon in San Francisco at: (415) 664-4800

Before (taken 2 weeks prior):




More pics:



You could make a wig out of this:


After a wash: (no curler or straightener)

photo 3-1

Early Chistmas Present: Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip in Burgundy

I’ve wanted a Rebecca Minkoff purse for years now to use an everyday bag, but couldn’t justify the price for such a small bag on my broke student budget. I even bought a Mini M.A.C. in deep blue a couple years ago, but returned it after thinking long and hard about how many smaller purchases I could be making using the same amount. In comparison to other popular bag brands, the prices aren’t actually that steep, but I just kept hesitating at the time. Alas, I finally received it as an early Christmas present during Neiman Marcus’ online Black Friday sale ($195 USD down to $137).

I’m glad I waited because I’ve been really drawn to the sexy wine/burgundy color these days. Despite it being a smaller bag, it’s quite roomy and is able to fit my wallet, phone, and other accessories. I also love the softness and durability of the leather.





The inside with my wallet and phone:



I have been following Aimee Song, major fashion blogger and interior designer based in Los Angeles, for at least a year on social media and am impressed time and time again by her daring yet flirty sense of style. The colors and prints she chooses to mix are both surprising and undoubtedly flattering. She has become such a staple in the social media and fashion show scene that it is unsurprising I initially stumbled across her on the “explore” page on Instagram. Her and her sister/”songster”, Dani, both have major followings on the social media platform, with @songofstyle (Aimee) with over 1 million followers and @songdani (Dani) with over 300k. Her website presents photos of her sporting her fashion choices on her numerous trips around the world (yes, I am jealous).

Here are some of my favorite outfits from the










Met Gala 2014: Faves (and Least Faves)

I haven’t posted in light-years, and with school being done and all it seemed obligatory that I sit down for a moment and compile a few photos of my personal best-dressed from this year’s Met Gala. Next to the Oscars and Grammy Awards, fashion’s brightest always seem to pull out all the stops at this star-studded event to make a statement. “White tie” was the theme for the night, which many of the attendees apparently took to mean Disney princess…


Worst of the Night:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/kate-upton.jpg

Just had to share this because of my undying love for Reese Witherspoon: